Serafettin Kuccukoglu-Principal of UWIS

United World International School is the realization of a vision. A vision to transform the educational landscape in the country and to make internationally recognized quality education available for one and all. The Principal and Founder of United World International School, Mr. Seraffetin Kuccukoglu has led Silk Road International School to an exceptional academic achievement. It was in 2011 that Silk Road achieved regular membership of European Council of International School (ECIS), in his leadership. The initial setbacks and challenges were never a concern for this man who had tremendous faith in his dream. It is his commitment, prudence and visionary approach to school education that has made him one of the most venerated figures in the contemporary education sector in Kyrgyzstan. He is responsible for providing overall strategic direction to the organization and ensuring effective imparting of education. Well known for his deep commitment for students, Mr. Kuccukoglu has a strong impact on scores of students who, thanks to his persistence are now contributing members of society.

Shelly Gupta-  Head of Primary School

Mrs. Shelly Gupta is an internationally certified teacher from European Council of International School, by Cambridge International Assessment. It is Mrs. Shelly Gupta, who has put in great efforts to transform this vision of internationally accredited education in Kyrgyzstan such as taking the school through authorization process of European Council of International School membership and Cambridge International Examinations accredited school, into reality. Mrs. Gupta has post graduate qualification in Education and holds a Master Degree in Travel and Tourism. She started her teaching career as Travel and Tourism Instructor in South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, India. Awarded three years in a row, the ECIS Awards for Promotion of International Education, she has been working in international school settings for 14 years. As the Primary and Secondary 1 Coordinator, she believes in a strengths-based approach and recognizes the unique needs of each student. Shelly wears many different hats throughout the day: Math Teacher, Drama Teacher, Academic Coordinator and many others. Working in collaboration with parents, teachers, school leadership and community partners, she aims at providing a comprehensive guidance program to support student personal/social, academic and career development. When she is not busy with school work she loves to spend time with her family.

Said Umaraliev- Head of  Secondary School

Mr. Said is a Mathematics teacher at UWIS. Mathematics has been his passion since early childhood, when he started to attend National Olympiads. He became a teacher after obtaining BA degree at Bosphorus University in Istanbul in 2007. Between 2009 and 2011, he led the International Mathematics Olympiad team of Sapat, from which 5 students among 6 elected for the International team of Kyrgyzstan. Apart from teaching Math in UWIS, he also helps to facilitate activities and school parliament. He is married and has two lovely daughters.

Anara Rysbekova- Assistant Director

Anara is the HR manager, Assistant Director at UWIS. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communications of Kyrgyz National University named after Zhusup Balasagyn. Anara has always been fascinated with learning new foreign languages. During her university years, she went to Germany for a year to learn and complete a German course and certificate, successfully. As a motivated and hardworking university student, she spent a lot of time in attending educational activities, useful seminars, and training in Kyrgyzstan and Germany. She joined the United World International School team in 2017. Anara loves her job and gets pleasure and satisfaction from doing something important and meaningful for the school. Her work is essential to the school’s dynamic and success. Apart from her daily grind at work, she also likes reading books, traveling, and doing sports.

Talantbek was educated at the International Alatoo University in Bishkek. In 2013 he was appointed to his first headship in 2013 at Silk Road International School, Bishkek. In 2014, he transferred to Cambridge Silk Road International School with a mission to raise aspirations and standards of achievement in education in addition to building a strong college counseling department that gave effective support to students and their families. Before returning to Bishkek, Talantbek worked as a KS4 Leader and IGCSE English as a Second Language teacher at International School of Bucharest. He is completing his master’s degree in School Counseling from North American University and holds IBDP Counseling and ECIS International Teacher Certificates. 

As Head of the Teaching, Learning and Counseling Department at UWIS,  his priority is to develop and improve the curriculum of the school integrating Project Based Learning so that it facilitates the very highest levels for learning for students.

Away from work, Talantbek often enjoys nothing more than being talked to by his daughter. When he does have a break, he pursues his lifetime goal of reading and traveling.