Can I register my child(ren) in your school during the school year?

UWIS accepts registrations throughout the year, however, certain classes may be at full capacity. Please contact the Admissions Office at to check availability of places in the school.


Who attends UWIS?

Students from 40 countries attend UWIS.


How can I get admitted to UWIS?

Admission to UWIS is based on entrance exams (Maths and English) and an interview which takes place with the school Principal and /or coordinators. The main requirement for entry to the school is based on a students’ ability to access our curriculum using English. The school does sometimes offer ESL (English as a Second Language) support .


Who is teaching at UWIS?

The large majority of our teachers are native English speakers. They are supported by a number of English speaking international staff, who enhance the multicultural nature of our school.  Please see the staff section for more information on our teachers and support teachers.


What are the school hours?

School day starts at 8.30 and finishes at 17.30.


Does the school provide bus service?

UWIS provides bus service. Please contact Admissions Office for further details.


Does UWIS offer a lunch service?

At UWIS we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked in our own kitchen.


Is the school uniform mandatory?

The school has a school uniform, which the children are expected to wear at all times unless notified to the contrary.


What is the maximum number of students in a class?

The maximum number of students in a class is 18.


Do you provide ESL classes for the students who do not speak English?

Yes we provide ESL support free of charge for new students.