Juliane John “Originally from a medium-sized Coastal town in Northern Germany, I’ve lived, studied at Heinrich Heine, Hamburg University and worked in Hamburg for 10 years. In my freelance work there in various positions I’ve had the amazing opportunity to teach people of all ages and backgrounds, from elementary school students to people well into their 70’s. I’ve taught English to Germans and German to, well, basically anyone: refugees, immigrants, expats. I’ve taught people with no formal school education how to read and write in German, took them to a museum for the first time and even organized an international cooking class. In 2018 I set off on a journey to Asia, taking the long (and slow) route by ferry, bus and train to make it all the way to Vladivostok and then South East Asia. It is there that I decided I wanted to work abroad. So in the following school year I taught grades 6 to 12 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for 8 months until Covid cut my stay short. Now I’m happy to apply my teaching skills here in Kyrgyzstan and hopefully learn a thing or two about Central Asia in the process.”  

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