Primary Enrollment Procedure

Cambridge Primary is an education programme for young learners that combines a world-class curriculum, highquality support from teachers and integrated assessment.

1) Read the Curriculum

Please read the information about Primary School Curriculum and information about School Fees

2) Application Form

Write the Application Form. Once you finish the Application form, Admission officer will contact you within 24 hours

3) School Visits

Set up a tour with the admission officer. You will receive basic school information and be able to see the school facilities. The date of the entrance exam is set.

4) Admission Exam and an Interview

Admission Exam for Primary school:

  • Assessment Testing in English and Mathematics
  • Interview with Primary School Psychologist
  • Test results are communicated within 3 working days

5) Enrollment Completition

Enrollment is completed after receiving the countersigned school contract and confirmation of the enrollment fee payment