UWIS Scholarship Programme

Students have a great chance to get a scholarship in UWIS. There are three types of scholarships based on achievements.

Internal exams

All students from grade 1 to 9 take Progress Check Internal Exams once per term. According to the average of the three internal exams, three students will get scholarships from each grade level.

● 1st place -50 %

● 2nd place -40%

3rd place -30%

IGCSE (grade 9-10)

For Grade 10 students at least 3 As and 3 Bs, (in external Cambridge Exam) student receives a 50% discount on the annual tuition fee.
● Students who receive “High honor” roll for all three terms will be awarded by 20% discount.
● Students who receive e “Honor” roll for all three terms will be awarded by 10% discount.

Rules for the Scholarships:

● Scholarships will be given for the following school year.
● Students who leave school the next academic year cannot benefit from
● If a student gains two or more scholarships, only the highest discount will be applied.
● Students who commit disciplinary offenses cannot benefit from scholarships.
● Student can receive only the best award.