Welcome to United World International School.

We are very proud of our school – not only of the improved infrastructure itself, but of our students, their parents, and the team of teachers who lead them.

We have a strong, shared methods in our school. Our aim is to help each student reach his/her highest potential through intellectual, social, emotional, moral, physical and artistic growth. We do this with the understanding that each child learns and develops in his/her own way within the structured and agreed framework of behavior and expectations. In our school, the child is the center of the educational process and our curriculum is based on this philosophy.

We regard ourselves as a ‘small school – big family’ and learning and working here is very important to all of us. We hope that every student and many parents will take an active role in enhancing the quality of the school community and the international ideas of the school.

I invite you to consider the many advantages of our school, and I look forward to welcoming you to campus soon.

Best regards,

Veli Cetin


Mr. Veli Chetin  has been doing education for more than 25 years in different parts of the world. He had been working in Central Asia for 8 years when he returned to Turkey in 2003.He has been to Italy, the UK, Romania, Bosnia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to improve his teaching and administrative skills since his graduation from university. Having worked as an English teacher, an assistant principal and a principal in Turkey, he was back to Kyrgyzstan, which he missed a lot, in 2017 for the second time.

He was born in Denizli,Turkey in 1972. After studying at the Educational Faculty of Buja, University of Nine September in Izmir for three years, he received his Bachelor’s Degree of Art at Anatolian University. He had his master’s degree in pedagogy at Naryn State University .

He is diligent and dedicated to his job. He thinks education stands on three pillars which are  school, parents and our kids, and they are all equally important. He also points out that personal and academic success is ahead of us when we cooperate and collaborate but not a chance. He’s open to challenges, conversations, and an exchange of ideas from kids.

In addition to his role as a director, he runs another school at home because he is married with four children all of whom are students. He listens to inspiring TED talks. He plays football, volleyball and table tennis. He says ‘ I play just to get sweaty but not to win.’