Welcome to United World International School! United World International School is one of the leading independent schools in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. We teach students aged 5-18 across our two school campuses: Main campus and New campus.

I am privileged to be the Principal of UWIS. It is an exceptional place with a strong sense of community, and the meaningful relationships that are formed here result from our core values of mutual respect, responsibility, trust, and encouragement. Our academic results speak for
themselves but, crucially, results are not our only measure of success.

Alongside providing the expert teaching and support for academic success, we provide an array of excellent opportunities for students to develop their passions and characters and explore new possibilities. There is no typical UWIS student or single experience here, and we value the distinctiveness of every person. Our exciting learning environment is characterized by a shared love of learning, with our brilliant teachers encouraging curiosity, innovation, and compassion. The broad and fulfilling opportunities here ensure that students can build the skills, discipline, and character needed for their futures, whilst also inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

Here students will find an intellectually challenging and inspiring environment wherein they receive expert guidance on how to make the most of their experience with us considering their long-term goals. We prioritize excellence throughout every area of school life, promoting a love of
learning far beyond just the acquisition of knowledge, and we ensure that each student achieves their personal best.

But we also ensure that on the way to achieving their best, students are having fun and enjoying their time with us. We believe that happiness and laughter bring education to life, and we strive to bring this into the classroom every day. Our students thrive on this approach, and it makes for a
very enjoyable learning experience for all. Our school structure enables students to benefit from everything a modern school has to offer,
whilst also learning in specific environments tailored to their studies and age group. Students can take part in whole-school productions, concerts, co-curricular activities and academic programs.

At the same time, each of our two sites offer a unique and supportive atmosphere in which students can flourish. UWIS education sets students up for life as resilient, confident, responsible, engaged and innovative individuals ready to thrive in the next stage of their education.

– Said Umaraliev, CEO of UWIS and Head of Main Campus