School Psychologist

UWIS signed a contract with Psychological Developmental Center SEAR.  SEAR ‘s  head office is located in the U.S., however since February 2016 SEAR’s branch office is actively working  in Bishkek. Center is going to provide all necessary psychological services to UWIS by implementing its program for the students, teachers and parents.

During the year there will be seminars for everyone once per month in three languages. We highly recommend you to participate and let yourself   get updated information about the learning process, parenting tips, adolescence behavior, motivation, inter-family communication and other vital topics. If you have any questions, please feel free to come to our psychologist office.

The goal of the school psychology program is to help children succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. We achieve our goal by working together with teachers, parents, and outside agencies to create a positive and supportive learning environment and strengthen the connections between home, school, and the community for all students.


UWIS’s School Psychologist will work with students to:

  • Provide intervention, instruction, and mentoring for those struggling with social, emotional, and behavioral problems;

  • Increase achievement by assessing barriers to learning and determining the best;

  • instructional strategies to improve learning

  • Enhance understanding and acceptance of diverse cultures and backgrounds.


The School Psychologist will work with students and their families to:

  •  Identify and address learning and behavior problems that interfere with school success;

  •  Evaluate eligibility for Student Support Services (within a multidisciplinary team);

  •  Administer psycho-educational evaluation as needed;

  •  Support students’ social, emotional and behavioral health;

  •  Teach parenting skills and enhance home-school collaboration;

  •  Make referrals and help coordinative community support services.


The School Psychologist will work with teachers to:

  • Identify and resolve barriers to learning;

  • Design and implement progress monitoring;

  • Design and implement academic behavioral interventions;

  • Create positive classroom environments;

  • Motivate all students to engage in learning.


Primary School Psychologist 

Meerim Ryskulova