Starting school

Starting school is always an important event in the life of any child and of any family. At UWS we aim to make your child’s first day of school a very positive experience and to make the transition to the new school environment as smooth as possible.

Entering the school’s environment for the first time or changing schools can bring with it feelings of excitement, anticipation, worry, anxiety, curiosity and for some, resentment. UWIS teachers and staff are aware of this and follow a set procedure which is meant to support both new students and their families on the first day of school.

Stage 0 (Kindergarten) are offered the possibility to come to school for half a day in the first week of school. The parents are encouraged by the teachers to leave their children with the teacher and not to stay with them in the classroom. Whatever your child’s reaction to school, remember that the teachers will have seen it all before and they are familiar and prepared to handle the children who are worried on their first days of school.

For the new students who join UWIS after the start of the school year, the form teacher will help them out on the first days. Teachers provide the friendly face, helping hand, and helping information which can make a world of difference for new arrivals. Teachers can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at UWIS.