Year 6,7,8

Lower Secondary incorporates the first 3 years of secondary school (Years 6 – 8). Our curriculum follows the English National Curriculum by providing a broad, balanced, education which is enhanced by the Cambridge Secondary 1 programme in English, Maths and Science. Students will build on and consolidate the skills and knowledge which they have learnt in the Primary School. This will prepare them for the demands of the examination courses they follow in IGCSE and As/A Levels.

The Lower Secondary programme of study aims to develop the key skills to enable our students to embrace lifelong learning required for our ever-changing globalized world.

For many students they will experience the onset of adolescence at some point during these years. It is therefore appropriate that students of this age experience an educational environment that will help them to learn and help them to cope with the mental and physical changes that occur during adolescence. It is to help students manage the change from childhood to adolescence that the curriculum includes Character Education.

The aims of the Lower Secondary are

  • To allow students to develop further as independent, inquisitive, creative, critical thinkers and learners.
  • To allow students to develop as individual personalities while maintaining a consideration and compassion for others.
  • To act as a transition phase between the primary education and the onset of courses leading to external examinations (IGCSEs and As/A Levels).