Hong Kong International Olympiad was held in Hong Kong from 31st of August to 3rd of September 2018. HKIMO , is named as Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad, is developed by former Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad Team Leader Mr Wong Tin Chun. The objective to develop HKIMO is to promote Mathematical Olympiad all over the world. The examination paper consists of 5 main topics: *Logical Thinking, *Arithmetic (Kindergarten / Primary Section) / Algebra(Secondary Section), *Number Theory, *Geometry, *Combinatorics. Participating regions; 12 countries including Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Ukraine, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Iran, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Philippines. From Central Asia only Kyrgyzstan participated, and from Kyrgyzstan only our school UWIS joined. UWIS Team; Raushan Tolonbaeva, Ramazan Tolonbaev,Peri Duishenova, Emir Sagynaliev, Abdurahim Baktybek uulu, Jibek Jyrgalbek kyzy, Aida Akaeva, Zulal Gursoy, Nilufer Ekiz accompanied by Gulshan Almasbekova. Results of HKIMO: Abdurahim Baktybek uulu – bronze and World star(for best result) Ramazan Tolonbaev – bronze Peri Duishenova – bronze Aida Akaeva – bronze The rest students received Merit awards.

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