Mr. Bakhtiiar Igamberdiev PhD (2015), Teacher of Economics at Issyk-Kul State University (2005-2010), Associate Professor of International Ataturk Alatoo University (2010-2017), Teacher of Economics and the History of Hyrgyzstan at Cambridge Slik Road International School (2017-2018) and the United World International School (2019-Present); Master in the European Union and Central Asia in International System (Institute of European Politics, Berlin); Visiting Scholar at DePaul University (2018-2019) Visiting Scholar at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana (2012) Visiting Scholar at George Mason University, Virginia, USA (Spring terms 2008-2010) Author of The Economic Policies of Kyrgyzstan, 1991-2010: Experience and Outcomes and other 20+ scientific publications. He has been teaching Economics for last 12 years, 5 of them, from 2005 till 2010 at Issyk-Kul State University, and 7, from 2010 till 2017 at International Ataturk Alatoo University. Among the courses he taught are Introduction to Economics, International Economics, History of Economics, Economic Geography, Economy of Kyrgyzstan, International Economic Organizations. He is ever aspired for self-perfection, which stimulated me to participate in numerous international programs. Probably the key one was the Faculty Development Fellowship Program, in frames of which he is studied at the George Mason University, Virginia, USA during the spring terms of 2008-2010, concentrating mostly on the Public Choice Theory, Development Economics and Institutional Economics. From 2010 till 2012 he has studied at “The European Union and Central Asia in International System” Master Program at the Institute of the European Politics in Berlin, Germany, concentrating on the history, reality and perspectives of the European Union and Central Asia in terms of Economics, Law and International Relations in international arena. His Master study helped me very much in developing his PhD thesis, but participation at the CARTI (Central Asian Research and Training Initiative) Program with research at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA under the mentorship of Professor Martin Spechler and field research in Kyrgyzstan was crucial in explaining the problems of economic development of Kyrgyzstan within his PhD thesis. In 2015 he is defended my Economic Policies of Kyrgyzstan, 1991-2010: experience and the outcomes PhD thesis and consequently published his monograph in 2016. Since 2016 he is started his Doctoral research on “Institutional Transformation in Kyrgyzstan under the Eurasian Economic Union Integration”.


Economics & History of Kyrgyzstan

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