We are delighted to be announcing our students’ excellent GCE AS & A Level and IGCSE Examinations results. With over 34% of all IGCSE qualifications being graded as an A or above, along with 63% of IGCSE qualifications being graded at least a grade B, our students have performed extremely well on their IGCSE qualifications. In addition to this 84% of our IGCSE results were graded as a grade C, which demonstrates that across every area of our broad curriculum every one of the students at UWIS has excelled. Our student`s success in their IGCSE and AS Level results demonstrate their commitment and endeavor and we are very proud of their behalf of what they have achieved. It is also a testament to the ongoing support and direction of our inspirational teachers. Congratulations to one and all!” There were many individual successes amongst our students and I would like to share a few of these with you, starting with Saebyul Gwan who sat for GCE AS & A Level  and Fengzhu Li from IGCSE class who were awarded truly exceptional grades. We would like to also have a very special mention to the following nine students – Georgina Ademy Murray, Christopher Nigel Browne, Stalbek Maksatbek uulu, Amina Koshmatova, Khamide Zeinep Kozha, Danil Geikin, Heedong Jin, Atithi Singh, Maksatbek Abdiev – who were all awarded 2 A grades or above. We congratulate all of our students on theirGCE AS & A Level and IGCSE Examinations results which they should be particularly proud of.

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