United World International School is delighted to share the joy of achieving “member school” status following a successful evaluation by the Council of International Schools (CIS). This evaluation, initiated this year as part of our commitment to fostering global awareness and intercultural understanding, aligns with our educational philosophy. Established in 1965, CIS is the largest non-profit membership association for international schools, comprising over 1,360 schools and universities from 123 countries. Membership is granted based on adherence to the CIS Code of Ethics and Principles, leadership in international education, knowledge sharing, embracing diverse perspectives, and a continuous commitment to self-improvement. In the upcoming months, we eagerly anticipate completing our CIS accreditation and continuing our dedicated efforts.
The Purpose of CIS:
  1. Ensure the pursuit of excellence in all stages of education.
  2. Guarantee the provision of a high-quality education and training program aligned with clearly defined goals/standards.
  3. Foster awareness within the entire school community regarding strengths and weaknesses, promoting continuous development.
  4. Enable the school to benchmark itself against similar institutions globally and thrive in a global environment.
Benefits to the Institution and Students:
  1. Conveys a positive message about the school to individuals, educational institutions, and universities both domestically and internationally.
  2. The meticulously prepared self-evaluation report, integral to the accreditation process, significantly contributes to the school’s development.
  3. Strengthens harmony and communication among various departments of the school.
  4. Provides an objective assessment from an external authority, yielding valuable and constructive suggestions.
  5. Facilitates communication between the school and other institutions worldwide.
  6. Allows the school to formulate future plans based on reports provided by CIS following self-assessment and examination visits.
  7. Ensures adherence to high standards in all aspects of the school.
  8. Records information about the school comprehensively in a digital environment.
  9. Prompts members of the school community to recognize and address shortcomings and weaknesses continuously.
  10. Encourages self-evaluation and questioning among all individuals within the institution.

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