We extend our congratulations to the students who have been awarded the title of “Student of the Month” for September, recognizing their commendable efforts, exemplary character, and commitment to academic excellence. Arna Abdrahmanova Grade 3 Ademi Kachkynbekova Grade 4 Salamat Akhunzanova Grade 5 Amelia Nastritdinova Grade 6 Kanyshai Zheenchoroeva Grade 7 Amina Tursunbaeva Grade 8 Zalkar Amangeldiev Grade 9 Ayat Saleim Grade 10 Aizhamal Imerova Grade 11 Aiym Aibekova Grade 12 The student recognition program at United World International School is designed to identify model students. Recognizing student achievement helps to create a more positive school climate and culture. Also, it reinforces the ideals of hard work, determination, perseverance, and persistence. Each month, one student from each grade level will receive acknowledgment as the “Student of the Month.”

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