Dear parents, teachers, students and other members of the UWIS family, We are excited to announce to you that our Nooruz Celebration at our school is coming! We invite you to celebrate the holiday with us next Friday, March 18th. On this day, we will have a large food fair, a festive concert, and national games at the school. The food fair will be held in the form of a competition where each class will sell dishes that they’ve brought and judges will evaluate them. The judges will include parents, teachers and students of UWIS. The food fair evaluation criteria are: – homemade food – variety/diversity of foods – table setting (decoration) – presentation (to the judges) – student engagement – the amount of money received from sales. Funds collected at the fair will be donated to charity. Through deliberation with the Student Council and administration, we have decided to donate the collected sales from the food fair to an orphanage in Belovodski. Primary and secondary school winners will be selected separately and awarded by the school. The 1st place winning class of the primary school will be awarded with a fully funded trip to Sky Park and the 1st place winning class of the secondary school will be awarded a bowling or pizza party. On this day, all students, staff, and guests are kindly requested to come in Kyrgyz or in their national costumes. With best regards, UWIS administration.

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